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( Oct. 28th, 2005 10:12 pm)
It's the end of another week and my eyesockets feel hollow.

My head is achey, my bones too, though not in an 'I have a fever' way.

It's just the tiredness has sunk in, deep beneath my skin. It inhabits me, almost like a possession. There's me and my fatigue in my head and Tired Me is like a second person. Different. Not The Usual Me.


It's been a good evening.

There was pizza and a happy Vic.

There was a little bit of code wrangling and finally getting this back into shape and up-to-date and migrated into WordPress-as-CMS so that folks can update it without any HTML-knowhow.

That's way too many hyphens.

Now it's time to get us all tucked in under the quilts to sack out like Julien.

Julien's been asleep since 8.

Good baby. Happy baby. As his daycare lady would say, in her sweet, broken English.

I think I will have a cold glass of milk.

It tasted so good with fancy chocolate cake earlier today, at the end of a lovely lunch with [ profile] f_butterfly and [ profile] kuiama.

More milk is definitely in order to help settle the jangle of my nerves, the tension gathered at the base of my neck.

Good night y'all, sleep tight.

And ...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] relentlesstoil.
30 is good. I swear.


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