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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 10:44 am)
So we're all just about recovered from that flu thing.

I have finally unboxed the humidifier and we now have cool mist vaporized water humidifying the bedroom at night and hopefully helping with bloody noses and pulmonary distress.

I am feeling tons better, with the soreness retreating from my eustachian tubes last and the congestion being done.

But Julien spiked a fever overnight and is coughing again and has vile green stuff flowing copiously from his nose.

Germs: hie thee hence and return not, I command thee!
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 12:20 pm)
The floors are icy beneath my bare feet, a downside to hardwood that is otherwise so much easier to keep clean with two boys and four cats in the house.

The windows breathe chills inward, cold pockets at regular intervals along the walls, that send shivers up my spine as I go by.

Even the cats have given up the chairs and the carpet in favor of the surefire blast of warm air that comes up from every heating vent.

In spite of the omnipresence of winter in the house, in the snow-speckled view outside the the window panes, the thermostat is resolutely set at 62. Warm enough to be all right with a sweater, but not so high that the heating bill will arrive with triple-digits and send us all into pre-holiday sticker shock.

Up in my office, I keep the space heater on low, but treat it like an old-fashioned foot brick, with my slippered feet propped up on top of its blocky, square shape and think about how much colder it must have been in Colonial times here, with only smoky hearths and those proverbial bricks to make it through the winter.


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