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( Jun. 12th, 2009 08:48 am)
It's still spring technically, by a very faint margin of about 10 days, but the weather isn't really cooperating with that fact. It's warm, muggy, humid and sunless. Spring is supposed to be about gentle rains punctuated with blue skies and puffy white clouds and sunshine.

Instead, it's been total murkworks for a while now and it's getting pretty old. My garden is just drenched from all of the rain we've been getting and /nothing/ in the house stays dry for long. I'm running the air conditioner off and on to cool things down or using it as a de-humidifier in a vague attempts to keep every surface from feeling slightly wet.

I don't know if the Bay Area is having a sunny or foggy spring, but believe me, I'm missing the low humidity and sunshine of the East Bay right now. All of my clothes feel wet even, fresh out of the dresser and the urge to take things downstairs to stuff them in the dryer before putting them on is strong.

I'm trying to find the oomph right now to go down the driveway to go rescue my trash cans. It's just that everything is so wet and dreary that I'm having trouble staying motivated about anything. Weather like this makes me sleepy too, so even though I slept for an amazing almost-11 hours last night, I feel a little groggy and out of it.
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( Jun. 9th, 2009 08:12 am)
First thing this morning. BA BOOM! CRASH! House shaking. Bright light flashing.

HUGE thunderstorm over the region came literally, RIGHT OVER THE HOUSE.


The house was shaking so hard.

Poor Vic was petrified to run out to the bus but he did do it, skipping down the drive in his little raincoat.

Julien hasn't budged on the other hand because he wouldn't freaking go to sleep last night.

We had a home visitor here for Vic and he just got ... hyper.

He finally crashed sometime around 3 I think.

Needless to say, I'm a little crispy around the edges, especially in the wake of yesterday's tummy problems.

Time to go to work though.

It's all toast and stuff for me today.
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( Apr. 28th, 2009 02:24 pm)
I'm melting. No seriously. It is not supposed to be this hot in /April/.
At least the storms are supposed to break the heat and bring spring back hopefully for the rest of May.

I am not liking having to have the a/c on at the end of April. No no no.

Heat like this just makes me /cranky/ and sleepy.
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 11:16 am)
Big fat flakes,
Swirling white,
Tumble down,
From steel gray heights.

There goes the street,
There goes the yard,
All covered over
With a blanket of white.

At long last, the snow has come. It's one of the things that I kind of, sort of, dislike about southeastern PA. Just to the north of us, actual snow will fall in December and White Christmases abound. But here, it's just far enough south that the snow in the north is only sleet or freezing rain here and the real snows, tend not to come until January right before my birthday. Not that I minded having lovely sledding parties for my birthday as a young teen, but I suppose the 'born in Boston in a blizzard' part of me just hankers for snow in December and if I don't get it, well I'd rather have Bay Area weather with no snow at all.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 05:17 pm)

Snow and Ice
Originally uploaded by littleowl.
The first snow of the season as seen through our front window a couple of days back. I love how pretty it looks on the dogwood tree. I'd rather have snow than the ice stuff that's been coming down the past few days.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 08:39 am)
Over the weekend freezing rain poured down and turned all the trees around the house to crystal. The back steps turned into a solid sheet of unbroken ice that stretched all the way down the garden path and icicles hung from the eaves, glimmering in the light of the sun in the morning, reflecting the street lamps at night.

Last night I braved the frozen tundra and carefully made my way down those steps to cross over to CVS for milk and whatever they might have on hand to scrape ice. I wound up with the mega-ice-chipper-sweeper of doom and on my return, used it to clear a path up the steps. A few handfuls of salt into the cleared area ensured a safer walk out for Sabs and Julien in the morning.

The front, by all rights, should have been worse, a long sloping sheet of ice all the way down to the street. However, with the temperature going up above freezing for several hours yesterday and with the house south-facing, we were fortunate enough to avoid utter impassability with the driveway. It's almost as if the frozen mix never fell out front, with only some clinging ice at the very bottom and caught in the cracks of the retaining walls. My neighbors are not so lucky. Their houses face ours, face almost due north and their front yards and drivways are littered with frozen muck-muck if they didn't shovel or put down salt.

I asked the bus driver if he could pick up at the back of the house instead of the front when the snow gets bad and he said he couldn't do that without an instruction from the district. We'll just have to see if we can manage. That driveway is a menace in the winter.
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( Dec. 17th, 2008 09:09 am)
The steps are blanketed with a frosty coating that looks like powdered sugar as I look out the back door. Stepping on it gives lightly, like biting through a crisp cookie to get to the soft middle. The bannisters on the other hand are slick, frozen solid with an inch of clear ice on top of the snow that looks like it ought to have the same give, but doesn't when you grab on.

I've scattered fondant front and back to help keep things clear throughout the day, though I'll probably have to toss some more out the back to make it safe for Sabs and Julien to come home tonight in the dark. In spite of the space heater, I'm shivering up here in the office. Even the lightbulb in my lamp is casting palpable warmth that makes me lean towards that golden pool of light, eager for even that slight heat.

The cats clustered around me tightly earlier, all four in different positions around me in the bed as I hid under the covers for a few minutes before getting up again after the morning exodus. Tara cuddled up under my chin, Sasha perched on my hip and Pearl tucked herself in against my spine while Khepri played foot warmer. I can't blame them for gravitating to the big warm body. If I were as small as they are, I'd make a nest in the quilts and wouldn't come out until the house warms up some with the heat hiked up a little.

It looks like another busy day here. Yesterday was a constant stream of one thing after another for work that kept me gainfully occupied for the whole day. That level of busy is actually what I like: constant and consistent without tripping over into emergency 'chicken with head cut off' mode.

The space heater is starting to actually make a difference so I'd better get to it. The cold makes my brain sluggish and slower to kickstart, but I think I'm awake enough now to tackle something more complicated than my email.
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( Dec. 16th, 2008 03:55 pm)
I asked Sabs to get Victor some cantaloupe melon this week. Supposedly it has some sugars in it that help with high levels of anxiety and agitation. Vic loves cantaloupe, so I figured, what the heck, it won't hurt the kid any to have a slice or two of melon per day in the winter when it's dark and dreary.

I cut the melon open for his snack today and the heavenly scent of summer washed up from inside that fruit. Sweet, lightly tangy with a hint of floral to it. It made my mouth water and I nibbled on a little bit myself, thinking back to the vines that flourished in the back yard in the sun this summer. It's just a shame it was just the vines, I never realized that the melons were miniatures and thus didn't pick them until they were past. I'll know better for this coming summer and have plans for a trellis to help the tomatoes and cucumbers.

It's all brown leaves, dead grass and snow out there right now, but inside, we have the sweet smell of that melon to remind of us the summer that just went by and summers yet to come.
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 10:55 pm)
It's been a dreary few days and that makes for some glumness naturally. For all it was so cold a few days ago, it /feels/ worse now with the rawness of cold rain and cold air. It just creeps in everywhere, the damp. When it's just cold and dry out, the chill is biting, but it doesn't cling. When we wrap up in blankets and flip on the heater, everything feels better. The wet cold is harder to combat.

Of course the upside to having dreary days is that there's tea and cocoa to make to stave off the dismal grayness and chill. And making both of those in a nice pot to pour into a pretty mug is kind of fun. I've been thinking about baking, because there's just something internally warm and fuzzy about baking and winding up with yummy treats at the end of it. It would make the kids happy too, light Vic's face right up if I actually made cookies instead of buying them.

They like to help bake, but having the proceeds of a good baking jag will be almost as good I think. So now I just have to decide what kind of cookies to make. I think I might go with snickerdoodles, because there's nothing quite so comforting about the smell of cinnamon sugar and butter wafting through the house. It'll take me back to every other time my mother made the same cookies and made the house smell divine around the holidays.
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 10:59 am)
In an odd changeup, the temperature shifted upwards a whole 40 degrees over the course of one day yesterday. In the morning, it was freezing out and there was ice on the ground. By nightfall, everything had thawed out and what would have been snow, turned to rain.

It was a tough day yesterday between the plumbing snafus, the kids being home from school and work being incredibly busy. By the end of the day, I was ready for a little break from the house and bundled up to go outside to the shop for milk and bread, thinking it was still cold.

Around and around I wound my long scarf. I slipped on my wool-lined coat and checked the pockets for my gloves. I tucked my hair up into my fleece 'elf' hat with the long tail and tassel. Finally I pulled my gloves on and braced myself for the charge out of doors and ... was met by the soft caress of spring-warm air instead of a blast of icy winter.

Laughing, I started peeling off layers as I crossed the yard. I had my hat in my hand when I opened the back gate and stepped out onto the path between the house and the shopping center next door. My foot hit slick, wet mud and I went coasting about three feet forward, arms flailing and came to a stop at the edge of the parking lot tar. I stood there for a moment breathing hard, stuffed my hat into my pocket and wiped my shoes off on the edge of the parking lot.

The adventures just never stop around here. I figure the chocolate bar I bought at the store was well-deserved.
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 12:40 pm)
Today is a Tea Day.

Multiple pots of tea will be required to get through the day without freezing my fingers off.
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 12:20 pm)
The floors are icy beneath my bare feet, a downside to hardwood that is otherwise so much easier to keep clean with two boys and four cats in the house.

The windows breathe chills inward, cold pockets at regular intervals along the walls, that send shivers up my spine as I go by.

Even the cats have given up the chairs and the carpet in favor of the surefire blast of warm air that comes up from every heating vent.

In spite of the omnipresence of winter in the house, in the snow-speckled view outside the the window panes, the thermostat is resolutely set at 62. Warm enough to be all right with a sweater, but not so high that the heating bill will arrive with triple-digits and send us all into pre-holiday sticker shock.

Up in my office, I keep the space heater on low, but treat it like an old-fashioned foot brick, with my slippered feet propped up on top of its blocky, square shape and think about how much colder it must have been in Colonial times here, with only smoky hearths and those proverbial bricks to make it through the winter.
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( Aug. 17th, 2008 11:49 pm)
The weather's shifted. It was warm today, but it's definitely shifted. The humidity is lower, the highs are lower and there's just that feeling in the air.

Not to mention that OMG, school starts in like, 2 weeks. September 2nd. It's really just around the corner.

Today we went down to Delaware and spent most of the afternoon in the pool. Well. The kids and I did. Sabs fell asleep on one of the lounger chairs and slept for three hours.

All perfectly good summer activities. Then there was grilled food for dinner and a drive home through the sunset.

And a walk in the dark with the cicadas and crickets going mad, to the store for ice cream.

There's a big harvest moon hanging in the sky tonight. Orange and clear and high in the sky now. It's beautiful and eerie all at once.

But yes. Summer's nearly over, time to enjoy every last hurrah before autumn tiptoes in.


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