Someone out there bought the tea kettle I had on my wish list and sent it our way.
I have no idea who, because it didn't say in the package.

So, to my tea kettle fairy, thank you very much!

No more will there be spilling of hot water from a 2 quart pot as I try to gingerly pour into my tea pot!

No more will I forget that I have water boiling and wind up with charred 2 quart pots!

What I promptly did with the kettle:


Chai courtesy of the lovely [ profile] ashcake.
Cup and teapot (not shown) were a gift from my little brother Ted when he was stationed in Japan.

Thinking of you all today as I sip my hot chai and beaver away in the icy office.
thursdays_child: (Dragon)
( Dec. 8th, 2008 12:40 pm)
Today is a Tea Day.

Multiple pots of tea will be required to get through the day without freezing my fingers off.


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