thursdays_child: (Holidailies 2008)
( Dec. 7th, 2008 02:16 pm)
Cold winds swept in last night carrying with them swirling clouds of snow. The roads stayed clear, but for a light dusting of white, the flakes gleaming silver in the ambient glow of the streetlamps. Caught in the headlights as we drove home from my parents' house, the falling snow looked like long streamers of tinsel, flickering and turning in the night. Though it was cold, the surface of the roads was warm enough to melt most of the snow on contact, leaving puddles of black water here and there, a threat of sheet ice to come as the thermostat plunged in the hours after sunset.

Home again, we unloaded the kids into the back yard where they stood jumping around in the pink light cast by the tall lamp in the parking lot next door, trying to catch snowflakes and make snowballs. For the first time in two weeks, between the chilly weather and the scarlet fever, my boys willingly played outside. They charged into the house to get more layers of gear on, then turned around and charged out into the gathering layer of white on the grass.

I sat inside, comfortably warm with a cup of tea and listened to their cheerful whoops of delight as they tried to peg each other with loose handfuls of snow and challenged each other to make bigger balls out of the stuff.

There wasn't really enough to keep them captivated for too long, but when they came in their cheeks were rosy and their eyes alight with the adventure of this winter's first real snow.


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