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( Jan. 1st, 2009 05:02 pm)
I wasn't going to do any resolutions but then I got into it after reading other people's posts on The Usual Suspects and so here's my short list of somewhat vague resolutions except for the first:

1) Take a walk every day, regardless of the weather.
2) Strike a better balance between work and non-work life.
3) Get out of the house more to be social. Call friends more often.
4) Only pick up emergency necessities at the CVS.
5) Get involved in some kind of civic activity in the local area.
6) Be kinder and more patient to everyone, but especially the kids, no matter how frustrating they can get.

In the interest of maintaining motivation for that first one, I think I'm going to actually plan out some interesting walks. This will allow me to a) get to know the area I live in better, even though I grew up here, b) indulge in my love of maps and plotting things on GoogleMaps, c) get in some exercise without thinking of it as exercise and d) pretend I'm Jane Austen. Maybe I'll even make myself a regency dress this year and have a Costumed Walk Day.

So, my first walk for the year will be up to the playground behind my parents' house because we're going over there for dinner. I'll see if Mom wants to come along after we've tidied up and leave the fathers in charge. It can be an excuse for some mother-daughter time too.

Tomorrow I think I'll keep things simple and just go for a spin around the block, see who's got their lights up still and who doesn't. Day after that, I think I'll walk up to the library and see about clearing our suspended card, get some good books, then hit the trail behind the library and see what it's like. Sunday, I'll have to map out. See what appeals.


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