One thing is for sure. My ideal weather report for Christmas does not look like this:

Low: 15°F
RealFeel®: -2°F
Sunset: 4:40 PM

That's today's forecast for later and I'm shivering just thinking about it. Everything is slick with ice right now, from the night's fall of freezing rain and snow mix. The back deck is an ice rink and the roads just don't look good at all.

Ideally, the day before Christmas Eve fluffy fat flakes fall from the sky and blanket the world with a clean blanket of white about a foot deep. Christmas Eve itself is cold and clear with a deep black sky and stars hanging high above like diamonds from the song. A coat, hat, gloves, scarf and warm coat are enough to make walking around in that clear night comfortable, but a warm cup of cider on the end of a caroling walk is a welcome treat for chilly cheeks, noses and fingertips. Christmas Day is sunny, with passing clouds and the snow still mostly a pristine coating in the back yard, shortly to be punctured with footprints as we charge outside to sled and put together snowmen.
Last night as I cried a little about all the stress that's bouncing around right now, Sabs took my hand and squeezed it and reassured me.

One year, we put on a little Christmas pageant... )


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