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( Jan. 1st, 2009 03:52 pm)
As a special treat for today, we packed up both boys and took them to the movies. This was the first time that we'd taken Julien to a movie as well as Victor. Getting into the theater itself and then getting out again was probably the toughest part. Both kids were excited and bouncy and kept charging ahead in one direction, mindless of where we actually needed to go. It's sometimes not really a joke to say that trying to take kids somewhere is like herding cats.

Cut for some mild spoilers. )
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( Jan. 1st, 2009 12:34 am)
Happy New Year everyone.

We spent it quietly, the kids fell asleep, I pushed to stay up, then padded upstairs to sit on the couch with Sabs and knock our bottles of ginger ale together while we watched the ball drop.

Can't believe Dick Clark is still at it.
Can't believe a million people were out there in this weather!

I'm going to go curl up under a quilt and go to sleep.
The honors for Best Christmas Present given to me this season go to my father-in-law.
He got me a 32 gig flash drive.
Hello backups and finally getting all those photos off of my old desktop machine easily so we can wipe it and set it up as a server.
So I've just been so incredibly sleepy for the past few days and today is no exception. I just can't seem to wake up and stay awake and alert.

I have my thyroid meds, I've been taking them, so theoretically it's not that.

Could just be the surfeit of good food, though overall, I haven't actually been eating all that much.

I think it's likely that I'm fighting off Yet Another Cold because I've been sneezing a lot and dealing with a runny nose.

At any rate, my father in law is due imminently and I haven't even really started to do all the cleaning I need to do, because I'm just that sleepy.

I'm going to hop in the shower and make a pot of tea and see if I can find my mojo.
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( Dec. 24th, 2008 02:59 pm)
Even though it's only ten minutes up the road and easy peasy as holiday travel goes, it's nice to have been able to take that little jaunt over to hole up at my parents' house for the next two days.

I'm curled up on the couch with a playlist of Christmas music going, while the boys play with puzzles and wooden toys and the scent of the tree downstairs slowly wafts its way upward.

Tonight there will be hot cocoa and tree-decorating, maybe a Christmas movie and then tucking my boys in to sleep with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads so that Santa can come down the chimney.

Maybe we'll make s'mores again in the fireplace like we did at Thanksgiving. Maybe there'll be a little snow tonight, it's on the forecast right now if the temperature just dips a little bit lower. After all that big chill, it's 39 degrees and raining. So if it just goes a little lower tonight, we could get a little dusting and have a white Christmas morning at least until the temperature goes up into the 40s, nearly 50s tomorrow.

We swung by the Farmer's Market today on the way over to pick up some little treats and have lunch and while we sat perched on stools at the lunch counter, over the loudspeaker came the following announcement:

"Will the person with the big red sleigh parked outside, please move your vehicle. Your animals are making a mess!"

Merry Christmas.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 05:17 pm)

Snow and Ice
Originally uploaded by littleowl.
The first snow of the season as seen through our front window a couple of days back. I love how pretty it looks on the dogwood tree. I'd rather have snow than the ice stuff that's been coming down the past few days.

Boy + Action Figure
Originally uploaded by littleowl.

Boy + Star Wars Action Figure == Happy Kid

Victor loves action figures and just as I was at his age, is really into Star Wars. Of course, for me that meant the original film and Empire Strikes Back and for him that means .... Clone Wars, the animated atrocity, but we'll just hand-wave around that.

His bus driver and bus aide got this for him and he was just so psyched when he opened it up. I have to go find some Christmas cards on sale tonight to pass around to the driver and to his teacher. It's the least we can do.

Someone out there bought the tea kettle I had on my wish list and sent it our way.
I have no idea who, because it didn't say in the package.

So, to my tea kettle fairy, thank you very much!

No more will there be spilling of hot water from a 2 quart pot as I try to gingerly pour into my tea pot!

No more will I forget that I have water boiling and wind up with charred 2 quart pots!

What I promptly did with the kettle:


Chai courtesy of the lovely [ profile] ashcake.
Cup and teapot (not shown) were a gift from my little brother Ted when he was stationed in Japan.

Thinking of you all today as I sip my hot chai and beaver away in the icy office.


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