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( Jan. 28th, 2009 12:25 am)
The genealogy bug has been biting again. After chattering away about family history stuff with [ profile] circusrunaway tonight, I did some poking around to find maps of Poland to see what was Polish and what was German and when.

This website has maps of Poland over time from the 10th century on through the Cold War.

In the time period where I know that Josef Dignatowski (pictured in icon) and his family lived there and emigrated from there, the area was heavily Germanized, after apparently supporting a blended population with Polish villages and German villages alternating in little pockets.

This explains why the Dignatowskis in my family spoke German perhaps, and not Polish. However, given the name, I suspect that they were in fact, rather more of a Polish ancestry than German.

Poland and its mutable borders is pretty interesting in and of itself and all of the pictures I can find of Czluchow, the town where Josef was from are awfully pretty.
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( Mar. 15th, 2008 12:28 pm)
Thanks to the continued efforts of [ profile] targaff there's been another breakthrough on my O'Hanlon tree.

Many, many thanks to Graham for tracking someone down who'd transcribed portions of the records of St. Marie's Catholic Church in Bury, Lancs. which allowed us to confirm that my grandmother's grandfather, Daniel O'Hanlon was in fact, baptized Catholic along with his older brother Richard. I now have actual birthdates, not just approximate years based on census data for both.

The real plum though was that their mother Charlotte is listed with her maiden name and the godparents are also listed. Daniel was named after Charlotte's brother, Daniel Byrne.

I love being able to fill in the gaps this way and it's very satisfying to have Charlotte's last name at last AND also to know that indeed, the family were Irish Catholics prior to emigration to the USA. It helps a lot to know this for any searching to be done in Ireland because what records are and aren't available depending on a family's faith.


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