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( Mar. 28th, 2009 11:22 am)
Someone tried to hijack Sabs' credit card this week. The card's been suspended as a result and he's trying to get that cleared up.

I also completely forgot about Amazon Prime and cancelling the free trial that I got signed up for eons ago and that charge came through and that was bad. Sabs is also looking at clearing that up.

The bank continues to hold my paychecks, which also never arrive on time, so paying the rent is going to be problematic again.

The upshot, we have $40 for the next week.

Sabs and I just strategized around food, here's what's on the list:

1) Loaf of white bread. This is mostly for Victor who won't eat wheat now, in spite of being raised with it by default since he was a baby, because it's 'dirty'.

2) Whole roasting chicken. We usually make the meat last 3-4 meals.

3) Eggs. For making things and also for one breakfast.

4) Milk.

5) Cereal. When we're running low on everything else, I eat cereal.

6) Apple sauce. For Julien's lunches and for the kids to snack on.

7) Bananas. For the boys to snack on.

To make things last, will need to keep a very close eye on the kids to keep them from eating everything in sight.

ETA: Thanks y'all for the generous offers, but we should be okay. Mom to the rescue.
We went to Margaret Kuo's tonight for dinner. We really, really shouldn't have. But we did anyway.

My sushi craving is finally slaked for the time being.

So much good stuff on their menu!

I think my favorite was the Angel Roll - crunchy tuna, scallions and apple. So, so, so, good.

We also had a Green Lady roll (minty!) and a Color Roll (mango!). Yummy rolls. Plus tuna tataki and a few a la carte nigiri sushi pieces. So, so, so, good.

And there went our budget for going out for three months, but it was worth it.

Also, plum wine? The best.


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