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( May. 19th, 2009 10:23 am)
My leg muscles finally stopped twitching 20 minutes after I got home just now.
Julien decided to pitch a fit about going to school, so I put him in his room and in timeout for 10 minutes until he came out willing to get ready to go.

This meant though, that we were late for the train, so we walked to school and then I walked back because I didn't have a ticket.

3.5 miles, a full hour in transit. My muscles were twitching but it actually felt /good/.

I'm not ready to run it, but the nice brisk walk felt nice.

It helps that it's a beautiful day out today.

I did jog across the street in order to make the light, but at the weight I am the jogging really does hurt my knees. So. Brisk walking for now.

I like how it feels to be able to walk and walk fast. It's a powerful feeling.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2008 11:59 am)
Ever since I saw [ profile] carrier starting the Couch to 5K program I've been somewhat interested. Today I was poking around on the site looking up the information on footwear because one of my hangups about running has to do with knee pain. The diagrams on the page have finally given me an answer to a lot of my shoe troubles in general and are giving me hope about actually being able to tackle running. (I've always had issues with running because I was afraid of falling while running as a child.)

Long story short, I'm a supinator with high arches. The wear and tear on my shoes is surprisingly all on the outer edge. For somer reason I thought it was on the inner edge, but it's not. My Clark's clogs which are a year old have distinct wear on the outer edge of the heel and a little through the upper outer edge of the foot.

I did the footprint test a couple of years ago when I was buying orthotics from Land's End and I couldn't quite sort out if my print was neutral or not, but the pictures on the Cool Runnings site are better. Definitely supinator with high arches, even though at one point a shoe store clerk told me my arches were falling.

So. Now I know what kind of shoes to get to risk throwing my very large, bulky and somewhat unbalanced self out there with. It's a start. Understanding my feet better may also help me with buying shoes in general and deal away with the frequent foot pain and blisters.

I really need to do /something/ that's low cost about my health because since I started working at home, often enough if I get sick and wind up working from bed, I hardly ever get /out/ of bed anymore for days/weeks after even. I get used to just rolling over and hauling the laptop up onto a couple of pillows and it's a very bad, very sedentary habit.


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