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( Jun. 16th, 2009 10:08 am)
Sabs didn't call the bus dispatcher to tell them Vic wasn't coming to school this morning. I had to run out there in my nightgown to tell them that he was sick.

Hopefully, his fever will break for tomorrow so he can go to his last day of school and say goodbye to his teacher.
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( Mar. 28th, 2009 11:22 am)
Someone tried to hijack Sabs' credit card this week. The card's been suspended as a result and he's trying to get that cleared up.

I also completely forgot about Amazon Prime and cancelling the free trial that I got signed up for eons ago and that charge came through and that was bad. Sabs is also looking at clearing that up.

The bank continues to hold my paychecks, which also never arrive on time, so paying the rent is going to be problematic again.

The upshot, we have $40 for the next week.

Sabs and I just strategized around food, here's what's on the list:

1) Loaf of white bread. This is mostly for Victor who won't eat wheat now, in spite of being raised with it by default since he was a baby, because it's 'dirty'.

2) Whole roasting chicken. We usually make the meat last 3-4 meals.

3) Eggs. For making things and also for one breakfast.

4) Milk.

5) Cereal. When we're running low on everything else, I eat cereal.

6) Apple sauce. For Julien's lunches and for the kids to snack on.

7) Bananas. For the boys to snack on.

To make things last, will need to keep a very close eye on the kids to keep them from eating everything in sight.

ETA: Thanks y'all for the generous offers, but we should be okay. Mom to the rescue.
2.5 hour visit to the ER.
Blood draws.
Oxygen masks.

But, we're fine. We're all fine.
Medical blather )
Situation normal. Or at least, as normal as it gets around here. ;)
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( Jan. 14th, 2009 10:12 am)

Vic at 7mumble am - "No I don't want to go to school! I need a break! I'm running out of steam! I can't take it anymore!"

(He was /up/ in plenty of time since he went to sleep by 8:30pm, but he was refusing to get dressed/get on the bus, etc.)

Julien around the same time, with a fever of 102: "I'm not sick! No, no, no! I want to go to school! I don't want to stay at home. Please, Daddy, don't go! Take me to school!"

10:14am: "Mommy. I want to go to school. Is my school open? Please can I go to school?"

Vic should be home in about 2 hours and I'm pretty sure his mood is going to be poor indeed.

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( Jan. 5th, 2009 08:37 am)
The string of off and on days off is over. The laundry is almost wrangled back into shape. Boxes that have been waiting for over a year to be unpacked have been so. The kids' gifts of warm clothing have been washed and folded and (mostly) stowed in dresser drawers or pressed into service first thing this morning.

What's normal anyway? )
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( Jan. 4th, 2009 05:28 pm)
So far today:
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( Jan. 3rd, 2009 10:56 pm)
So far, not so good on the resolutions. Mom wasn't feeling well the other night and I've been busy around the house instead and it slipped my mind to head out before it got dark yesterday. All the more incentive to /plan/ an interesting walk though.

Mount Papermess )
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( Jan. 1st, 2009 03:52 pm)
As a special treat for today, we packed up both boys and took them to the movies. This was the first time that we'd taken Julien to a movie as well as Victor. Getting into the theater itself and then getting out again was probably the toughest part. Both kids were excited and bouncy and kept charging ahead in one direction, mindless of where we actually needed to go. It's sometimes not really a joke to say that trying to take kids somewhere is like herding cats.

Cut for some mild spoilers. )
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( Dec. 31st, 2008 12:10 pm)
I'm working away here for another two hours and then the 'office' is closing early. The wind is blowing fit to beat the band and both kids are leaping around like manic little elves in the play room, still wearing their pajamas. Long story short, it's a bit of a chaotic day and I'm glad that I don't have to cook anything or plan for a party or get ready to go out.

I'm scanning receipts to load into the expense system for work, a final task for year-end and a follow-up on the big drive to get all of my timesheets and expenses in over the course of this month to support year-end accounting activity. It's not the most thrilling task in the world, but it has to get done and right now there's something almost soothing about the 'nrrrrrr' hum of the scanner as it swipes across each train stub that I put on the flatbed.

After work closes for the day, I'm planning a quick jaunt over to the CVS for celebratory ginger ale and chocolate. I should check with my parents too about whether or not they want to do anything/have us come over. Right now I'm just pretty happy with the idea of a low-key, quiet New Year's and some solid sleep time as well as a final push to get the house into shape.

It's all very prosaic today, nothing particularly exciting, but I hope that each and every one of you have a very, very happy New Year's Eve and that 2009 brings good things your way.

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( Dec. 29th, 2008 09:14 am)
This is that strange time in between things, the quiet time when work hasn't swung back up to normal yet, but the Christmas holiday is over and New Year's is just around the corner. It's often a time of reflection and taking stock, getting ready for the year to turn over and to prepare for what's to come in that new calendar.

I find myself doing none of that this year. Instead I am working on things that were lower on the priority totem pole during the end-of-year crunch since I have bandwidth to take care of them in the quiet time. I am also doing quite a bit of cleaning and I suppose that that does fit into the 'preparing for new year' side of things since I'm determined not to start out 2009 with the house in disarray.

Sadly, the list of things that still needs doing is just way too long. At least I seem to have recovered from the attack of extreme sleepiness that picked up the day before Christmas and persisted for three or four days afterward. That feeling of extreme lethargy and simple fatigue was so hard to shake. I don't like it when it happens, especially when I have plans to be productive and kickass around the place.

Today is quiet and so far, calm. Victor is home from school until the 5th and curled up on the couch under a blanket watching cartoons and otherwise blissing out on vacation time the way I used to when I was his age. I find myself a little nostalgic for those old times when snow days were a happy thing that meant sledding and hot chocolate and curling up with blankets and a movie afterward. These days, snow days are met with a groan, knowing the kids will be home all day and my working day will likely be shot. It would be a lot more fun to just be able to charge out into the snow, grab a sled and chase the kids around with snowballs.

Responsibility prevails. Still, I'm going to do my best to enjoy this quiet time, get caught up and have both feet firmly planted on the ground for January 5th.
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( Dec. 28th, 2008 08:57 pm)
Before the screaming me-me tantrum started about not wanting to get out of the bath, Julien and I had a fine old time making Bath Soup.

Mommy, help me cook this soup. )
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( Dec. 19th, 2008 08:32 am)
The truth about Victor, in the end, is that he is so much mine.

My boy )

Lyrics: So Much Mine, The Story )
Two weeks ago, I bought a set of metal hooks to put up in our bathroom to hold towels, since our towel bar just refuses to stay attached to the wall. It's old, it's crotchety and I don't like the way it looks anyway, so i took the whole thing down and bought these nice stainless steel hooks to put up.

I got everything ready, went to put the mollies into the wall and promptly started bending them with the hammer, so I desisted and pondered drilling bigger holes. It was time for dinner, so I put the tools away but left the bag of screws and mollies that came with the hook set on the side of the sink. (Dumb, I know).

Later, I went back to finish up the job and found that the baggie was gone. Either Julien had taken them or Victor and I couldn't find them anywhere in the bathroom. I let out a yell of frustration and sat down on the toilet and cried a little, because I didn't have any other screws that were the right size to go through the holes in the hooks. Victor came in to give me a hug and find out what was going on and I told him. We didn't find the screws that day though.

Just now, Vic comes up to me, beaming happily. "Mommy! I found the screws! They were in the duck the /whole/ time." Blinking in surprise, I looked up from my work and held my hand out and sure enough he put the bag of screws that goes with the hooks in my hand. "The duck? What duck?" We do have a duckie bath mat and some duckie towels but no ceramic duck decor or anything like that. "The duck in the bathroom! I'll show you!" Puzzled, I waited for him to come back. Shortly he turned up with an empty box of toddler wipes. There's a duck on the label.

I laughed so hard. "They were in the duck the whole time." Vic laughed too and I gave him a big hug and said 'thank you'. Those hooks will be going up /tonight/ gosh darnit.
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( Dec. 16th, 2008 03:55 pm)
I asked Sabs to get Victor some cantaloupe melon this week. Supposedly it has some sugars in it that help with high levels of anxiety and agitation. Vic loves cantaloupe, so I figured, what the heck, it won't hurt the kid any to have a slice or two of melon per day in the winter when it's dark and dreary.

I cut the melon open for his snack today and the heavenly scent of summer washed up from inside that fruit. Sweet, lightly tangy with a hint of floral to it. It made my mouth water and I nibbled on a little bit myself, thinking back to the vines that flourished in the back yard in the sun this summer. It's just a shame it was just the vines, I never realized that the melons were miniatures and thus didn't pick them until they were past. I'll know better for this coming summer and have plans for a trellis to help the tomatoes and cucumbers.

It's all brown leaves, dead grass and snow out there right now, but inside, we have the sweet smell of that melon to remind of us the summer that just went by and summers yet to come.
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( Dec. 16th, 2008 09:19 am)
Standing out in the bluster this morning, I waited with hands in pockets with Julien beside me observing his big brother.
Saying good bye in the morning )
This entry was selected as a "Best of Holidailies" entry for Holidailies 2008. Thank you reader's panel!

It's 6:45am and the alarm is going off. Sabs is up and taking a shower and running the clothes through the dryer to warm them for the kids.

Day in the life ... )
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( Dec. 14th, 2008 08:06 pm)
Since Vic started the TEACH program, even in such a short period of time as nearly a month, we've seen steady improvement in his behavior. Tonight we went over to my parents' house for dinner as we have almost every Saturday or Sunday since we moved here. For the first time though, it was a relatively smooth and stress-free experience.

Victor went over there earlier in the day with my mother and was apparently a joy to hang out with today. He dug holes in the garden with my dad and stayed outside playing for another fifteen to twenty minutes after Dad went in to warm up, for a total of an hour's playtime out of doors today. He also played board games and with the Playmobils that were my brothers' and overall was just well-behaved all day. When he did get upset he verbalized it, saying he was angry and apparently was able to be re-directed or worked things out for himself so he had no meltdowns.

He had a brief shrieking fit when he and Julien were about to race out the door after dinner when Julien started without him, but we managed to re-direct him on that too and the boys then charged outside merrily. Julien had a little meltdown about the flashlight which we managed to get him over too and then it was a scream-free ride home.

It's such a relief to have a happy Sunday dinner at last. Not only that, but we really had fun for the first time in ages, with Julien pumping up the radio to dance to "That's My Prerogative" and shaking his little three-year-old hips like he's had years of dance lessons. We even got Dad to stand up and boogie a little. It felt like old times, when we'd do that sometimes after dinner, everyone laughing and being silly and spinning around in the living room with something bouncy on the radio. There's also nothing quite like a tiny little kid shaking his money-maker and holding his hands in the air saying: "C'mawn Gamma! Geyup an' dance!"

I've felt down so much lately after a relatively difficult summer and fall. Today was a breath of renewed hope and optimism.
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 10:59 am)
In an odd changeup, the temperature shifted upwards a whole 40 degrees over the course of one day yesterday. In the morning, it was freezing out and there was ice on the ground. By nightfall, everything had thawed out and what would have been snow, turned to rain.

It was a tough day yesterday between the plumbing snafus, the kids being home from school and work being incredibly busy. By the end of the day, I was ready for a little break from the house and bundled up to go outside to the shop for milk and bread, thinking it was still cold.

Around and around I wound my long scarf. I slipped on my wool-lined coat and checked the pockets for my gloves. I tucked my hair up into my fleece 'elf' hat with the long tail and tassel. Finally I pulled my gloves on and braced myself for the charge out of doors and ... was met by the soft caress of spring-warm air instead of a blast of icy winter.

Laughing, I started peeling off layers as I crossed the yard. I had my hat in my hand when I opened the back gate and stepped out onto the path between the house and the shopping center next door. My foot hit slick, wet mud and I went coasting about three feet forward, arms flailing and came to a stop at the edge of the parking lot tar. I stood there for a moment breathing hard, stuffed my hat into my pocket and wiped my shoes off on the edge of the parking lot.

The adventures just never stop around here. I figure the chocolate bar I bought at the store was well-deserved.
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( Dec. 7th, 2008 02:30 pm)
In spite of the days off, in spite of the return to health in the kids, I just feel drained. It doesn't help that it's Day One of the Monthly Visit and am mildly anemic, or that Sabs had to work this weekend to make up for the unpaid sick days he took last week. I really, really have to finish up some work and have no oomph for it and just want the world to go away.
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