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( Aug. 14th, 2008 09:18 am)
Okay, so this is dorky, but I was having trouble re-installing the soundcard drivers on my machine after wiping it and re-installing windows.

Well today, randomly after running a couple more updates, the little update window flashed saying "Hai, guess what, new hardware detected!" and it finally picked up my sound card and ran the auto-update for it and now I can haz sound again.

I was getting really really really damn tired of the very loud system beep that was firing off every time I got an IM, a new email, or something failed. All the same beep. ALl very loud and no way to turn it down 'cos the sound controls were kaput.

Buh bai system beep. Hello again to nice soft, subtle chimes. Ahhhh. No more assault on the ears and I can play Taiwanese and Korean pop music to my heart's content once more to keep my energy up at work.
First off, Kelly, if you check LJ today, work cancelled the meeting first thing this morning. Call me on my cell (I think you have the #) or email me to beth.kelleher which is my gmail account. - I'll be checking email on my Blackberry.

Second, if I vanish for a bit folks, it's because I'm currently without a functional computer. I'm going to see if I can get some traction with Vic's desktop though this isn't ideal for trying to get work done because I don't think we installed Office on it.

Long story short, my work laptop went belly up on Friday again. It shut off in the middle of me saving a copy of something and though it turns on, the drive spins up, stops and spins down, spins up, stops and spins down repeatedly and the machine never boots. This is what happened before but we were able to get it working again. It make take a few days though to figure out a fix.

Last night the power cord on my personal laptop also took a nose dive - the cord ripped right off of the plug that plugs into the back of the latptop, so I'm dead in the water. I ordered a new brick and cord from Dell. Annoyingly they sell the power brick alone, but I don't see an option for the connection /cord/ alone, 'cos there's nothing wrong with the brick.

Anyway. Yep. That's my news for the day. Lack of computerage.

If you need to reach me, email email email. I will not be on IM or the games.


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