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( Feb. 25th, 2009 09:02 am)
Supposedly, according to the BBC, most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here.
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What can be deduced from this is that a) yes I have in fact read far more than 6 of these(tallying, I've read 51 out of 100) and b) I don't much care for most contemporary fiction. I have zero desire to read most of the high profile must-reads that have come out in recent years. Also, that many 19th century authors depress the crap out of me and therefore I won't read them and c) I don't have nearly enough time to read anymore.
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( Feb. 25th, 2009 09:19 am)
So they're taking out the heater and putting in a new one. Apparently the one down there is um ... 27 years old. It's kind of toast.

Also, they're putting a hole in the outside wall and venting everything out through this new vent instead of up the chimney, because apparently, the water heater should never have been vented up the chimney in the first place.
New water heater is in.

New tubing is in that goes through the chimney and out to the outside wall and vents on the patio.
When they drilled into the chimney, they pulled out a rat and a mouse, but nothing else and the rest of the shaft is clear as a bell.

New water heater is ye gods efficient and has /excellent/ water pressure.

It also has a contained heating chamber, so it's not going to vent gas onto the floor like the old one did. It could still possibly vent around the hood area, but it shouldn't because the reason that was venting like that, was due to backwash because the water heater was venting through the chimney and so was the furnace, so the two streams of hot stuff were competing with each other and the water heater stuff was getting pushed back out the other way into the basement.

Sabs has gotten a carbon monoxide alarm and we'll put it in tonight.

In the meantime ... I'm going to take a shower with the lovely water pressure after I run the water for a little bit.
2.5 hour visit to the ER.
Blood draws.
Oxygen masks.

But, we're fine. We're all fine.
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Situation normal. Or at least, as normal as it gets around here. ;)


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