I took the bull by the horns today and figured out how long 8-9 weeks is from now and found a race to register for.

Conveniently enough, the local Red Cross has a Walk/Run event from Memorial Hall to Fairmount Park on April 18th.

So I registered.

It really is a kick in the pants to have a goal like that set. Now I really have to be ready for that race in April and I registered as a runner, not a walker. This makes me boggle a little, because I've never really thought of myself as a runner and have always been vaguely afraid of running (I could fall! I could hurt my knees!).

But I seriously need the kick in the pants and here it is.

So. Anyone who's able, please sponsor me for the run in April. It's for a good cause and I don't just mean my health. :)

Dragons on the Swings
Originally uploaded by littleowl
This was such a fun day at the park. I sat with Julien in his baby seat while he slept or woke and looked up at the sun filtering down through the trees. Vic ran around like crazy, meeting other kids and playing on every structure on the playground with Sabs in tow.

The only thing that's a little bittersweet about watching these, is that his disabilities are patently obvious in retrospect, but we were just not so clued in at the time. His speech here is typical of his speech at the time and night and day from how his brother speaks now at the same age (3.5)


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