thursdays_child: (Julien: Grin)
( Feb. 13th, 2009 03:27 pm)
Julien has been unwell so much since Thanksgiving that I can barely remember when he's actually been /ok/. I don't think he's been to school a whole week since Turkey day, starting with the scarlet fever, then a cold, then the flu, then strep throat and now a virus.

The poor kid is in bed with a high fever, cough, stuffy nose and an upset stomach. He threw up his medicine a little while ago and I had to break out the left over suppositories from when Vic had scarlet fever.

He's cranky and whiny and clingy and just miserable all around. And of course, I've got a really heavy workload for work this week and short on sleep myself from waking up to dose him when his fever spikes.

I really hope this poor kiddo gets well again soon.


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